Discover Hîncești

Discover the five centuries history of one of the most beautiful cities from Moldova.
Hîncu Monastery

A nunnery from Bursuc village and one of the oldest monasteries from Moldova. Founded in 1678 by the moldovan serdar and boyar Mihalcea Hîncu.

History and Ethnography Museum

Founded in 2004 by the decision of the village council of Ciuculeni, the museum was inaugurated in 2011.The museum is unique for his collection of authentical samples, covering a period of time from XIIth to XIXth century. The majority of exhibits from the collection was gathered by the villagers.

Manuc Bey Mansion

Built by the diplomat and merchant Manuc Bey at the beginning of the XIXth century, this historico-architectural complex is a truly architectural gem in the Republic of Moldova.

Hîncești Zip-line

Inaugurated in 2017, the Hîncești Zip-line is not just an attraction for locals and tourists. It is the highest and longest zip-line in the Republic of Moldova.

Hîncești Winery

Witness how the wines from the Vinăria Hîncești collection are born, step by step.